Sto per farmi la pelle

Born out of a cross between fiction, anthropology and clinical psychology, this performance mixes science and irony, as Vanzo usually does.
Abati creates her own bespoke skin. The public takes part in a solo that starts off as a sacred rite, turns into mechanics, then into poetry.

On a canvas made of words explaining how skin surfaces, sounds and objects alternate, always taking us back to this membrane, which really is an organ. Paper, scotch tape, glue and assorted textiles: silk, gauze, leather, jersey, band-aids, scissors and cut up models are Abati’s work mates. She literally builds her own skin and sings to it.

Sto per farmi la pelle  [I’m going to skin myself alive] is a text based performance by Marcella Vanzo for Gogmagog, featuring Cristina Abati, costumes by Lucrezia Pizzetti.

Sto per farmi la pelle won a residency curated by Società dello Spettacolo & Viaindustrie and opened at Performing Santacaterina, Foligno, in May 2016.

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