An Impossible Tour

As I investigated the history of the Italian Academy, I came across a thick narrative made of
 official and hidden aspects of a story woven into Columbia University, Italian history and politics,
 art and architecture on the Columbia Campus, facts about New York City and my experiences there. A truly fascinating mix of the visible and invisible, which I staged as a site-specific performance: a guided tour of the Italian Academy building, conducted by Academy fellows. 
Some of them helped me writing the texts as they related to their field of study. Thanks to the collaboration of the institution, guests participated in a surreal tour of institutional premises which kept them wondering whether it was reality or fiction they were crossing, 
The tour includes: the Entrance Hall, the Headroom, the Colorful Corridors, the Virtual & the Old library, the Secret Staircase,THINK TOGETHER please, the Kubrick Tour

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An Impossible Tour,  a site-specific performance
at the Italian Academy at Columbia University, New York, April 18, 2006