XXI Century Human Beings

This project, in collaboration with Sotheby’s and produced by the Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Milan (PAC), reproduces the phases of an auction: catalogue, exhibition and sale.
The lots on sale are twenty human beings whose value is based on actual media information. These have been chosen, described and evaluated with the collaboration of a team of experts: an anthropologist, a solicitor, a psychologist and a financial advisor, together with the Sotheby’s experts.
This project takes place at the exhibition site in two moments: first the lot exhibition, a performance where the twenty human lots are presented to the public together with the catalogue; from the next day until the end of the exhibition the video of the human being auction, that took place at Sotheby’s in Milan, is projected.

XXI Century Human Beings, shot at Sotheby’s Milano, presented at PAC, Milano
Video projection (12:02), 2005

XXI Century Human Beings, performance, PAC, Milano, October 16,  2005

XXI Century Human Beings auction catalogueXXICHBcat