Practical, poetical, political, #squola_pubblica is the participatory art project artist Marcella Vanzo  created to develop new educational models – live and online – using art as a research model. It is dedicated to primary school teachers in the Bergamo area, with a special focus on suburban areas and neighbourhoods.

The project consists of 5 online meetings and 1 public talk. During the on-line meetings, the potential of art is explored in order to experiment and devise new ways of teaching based on a non-hierarchical learning method.
Participatory art, art as a research method, and performative practice make up the experimentation index of #squola_pubblica, a project aimed towards future generations.

#squola_pubblica takes place in Bergamo  between March 11th and April 19th 2023, with
Marcella Vanzo, Contemporary Locus Association and the University of Bergamo – Primary Education Sciences. In collaboration and with the support of the Province of Bergamo, and in collaboration and with the contribution of WIDE Group.

Thanks to Accademia di belle arti G Carrara – Politecnico delle arti di Bergamo and the Municipality of Bergamo,
The project is part of the program of Bergamo_Brescia Capital of Culture 2023. It is  included in the project Acciaio e Cotone – Spazi in Trasformazione call for proposals by Fondazione Cariplo.

The #squola_pubblica team
Marcella Vanzo; Ilaria Castelli, Giancarlo Grossi, Stefania Ambrosini, Emanuela Battaglia, Maria Stefania Albanese (University of Bergamo); Paola Tognon, Laura Santini (Contemporary Locus).


#squola_pubblica is a participatory art project conceived by artist Marcella Vanzo for the students of public nurseries and elementary schools who are home during the quarantine.

We Were Other Species is a free online art workshop for the elementary classes. To talk about animals and evolution, to draw, create and sculpt with whatever can be found at home.
The Fantastic Zoo and Noah’s Ark are labs for nursery children, 4 years and up, accompanied by their parents.
The Exquisite Corpse is a module, that, as the Surrealist game, allows children to create their own narrative through characters and objects, real and not.
More than anything else, the workshops are intended to provide some time to see one another, to find out how others are doing, to find again the community with which we are normally surrounded for 8 hours a day. Because in this – long – moment, it isn’t there anymore.
#squola_pubblica is a tool to help classmates, teachers and families to communicate through a free platform that makes digital interactions possible. Marcella meets with the children, families and teachers, and, in addition to the workshops, passes on her know-how to other actors who can, together with her or independently, meet and create communities. For more information you can send an e-mail to studio@marcellavanzo.com

Pirelli Hangar Bicocca is hosting Eravamo Altre Specie and Il Cadavere Squisito, free of charge, in the weekends of April and May. More info at: https://pirellihangarbicocca.org/kids/percorsi-creativi/