TMN School of Performance

The Momentary Now School of Performance is a theoretical – practical annual course held by Marcella Vanzo in Milan, in collaboration with ZONA K, with the media partnership by Exibart.

In 2022 TMN managed its first full – after Covid – live version in Milan at ZONA K, a 20 classes course from January til the end of May 2022.

In 2021 TMN, besides on-line courses, went twice on tour to Venice:
Pillole di Performance at Palazzo Grassi: a live, two day introduction to performance art to the staff who welcomes the public at the Bruce Nauman’s Contrapposto Studies show.
Fare l’impossibile at Teatro Ca’ Foscari: from May 3rd, to June 7th, an on-line introductory course in performance for 24 students of all disciplines.

Vanzo gives an in-depth exploration of the world of performance, in a course made of action and reflection on performance, exploring visual art, cinema, poetry and theatre, as well as anthropology, psychology and sociology, supervised by a selected group of curators: Matteo Bergamini, Paola Clerico and Gabi Scardi, who follow the course throughout the year.

Vanzo invites students to investigate the different languages around the depth of a gesture, body as the media, voice, relation with the other, with space, with objects, with the market. Students will work on transmission, individually and in groups.
Focus is on:
doing: practical exercises, physical work, readings and work analysis.
watching: exhibitions, theatre shows, performance, video as well as meeting artists, curators and experts.
transmitting: they will learn to relate their experiences.

The Momentary Now Performance School, Open Class, May 25, 2022
at Lea Garofalo’s garden  in association with ZONA K, Milan.
Student’s work::

Marcella Vanzo, The Momentary Now, Pillole di Performance, Teatrino Palazzo Grassi
Photos by Anna Vercellotti

Body Pressure, Bruce Nauman – ZONA K – Photo by Sara Davide

Roll, Dan Graham – ZONA K –  Photo by Erika Belfiore

Cut Piece, Yoko Ono – Photo by Erika Belfiore

A Lecture by Gabi Scardi – Photo by Erika Belfiore

A Lecture by Matteo Bergamni – Photo by Giacomo Bissi