TMN School of Performance

The Momentary Now School of Performance is a theoretical – practical annual course held by Marcella Vanzo in Milan, in collaboration with ZONA K, with the media partnership by Exibart. It is an in-depth exploration of the world of performance,
A course made of action and reflection on performance, exploring visual art, cinema, poetry and theatre, as well as anthropology, psychology and sociology, supervised by a selected group of curators: Matteo Bergamini, Paola Clerico and Gabi Scardi, who follow the course throughout the year.
Students participate in the performances held at ZONA K. It is a course with limited enrollment, between October 2019 and May 2020, in 20 weekly meetings,
on Wednesday evenings.
Vanzo invites students to investigate the different languages around the depth of a gesture, body as the media, voice, relation with the other, with space, with objects, with the market. Students will work on transmission, individually and in groups.
Focus is on:
doing: practical exercises, physical work, readings and work analysis.
watching: exhibitions, theatre shows, performance, video as well as meeting artists, curators and experts.
transmitting: they will learn to relate their experiences.

Our classes are documented by the Photography students at Accademia di Brera, courtesy of Professor Paola Di Bello, Director of New Technologies for Art

Body Pressure, Bruce Nauman – Photo by Sara Davide

Roll, Dan Graham –  Photo by Erika Belfiore

Body Pressure, Bruce Nauman – Photo by Erika Belfiore

Blackboard – Photo by Mariachiara Casale

Cut Piece, Yoko Ono – Photo by Erika Belfiore

Trust Exercise – Photo by Sara Davide

A Lecture on Relationships – Photo by Sara Davide

A Lecture by Gabi Scardi – Photo by Erika Belfiore

A Lecture by Matteo Bergamni – Photo by Giacomo Bissi