In a cross between cinema and MTV, glimpses of ships, sun, sea accompany images of the protagonists of these parallel movements: colourful, bikini-clad masses in search of an exclusive holiday in the Mediterranean, and dark, composed, silent groups crossing the Mediterranean in order to survive. The video opens and closes with shots of wrecked boats: elevated to the status of monuments in the most beautiful bay on Z√°kynthos, confiscated and heaped up on top of each other in a hidden corner of Lampedusa.

Solo show, Galleria Continua, S. Gimignano, Italy, 2007
Split screen projection, (colour, sound, 14:20), installation, c-prints, collages

Summertime (untitled1), c-print on aluminum, 100 x 50 cm

Summertime (untitled2), c-print on aluminum, 100 x 50 cm

Summertime (untitled3), c-print on aluminum, 100 x 50 cm


Invencible armada, mixed media installation, variable dimensions