Rumors Live

Rumors is a three-fold project about the deconstruction of representation, reduced to plot, voice, scene and body. It is an art film, a text based performance and a book.

Rumors Live is a liquid performance – it takes the shape of the place  that hosts it – based on the tragedy of Medea, it depicts a mythical woman by means of the rumors of her entourage. These are part of the royal court as well as stereotypes of our society, shamelessly portrayed. Characters mix pre-recorded voices, including Filippo Timi, Arianna Scommegna, Steve Piccolo and Paolo Maria Noseda, and bodies of real performers.

Rumors Live debuted at Teatro Studio, Scandicci in 2010 and in 2013 at Teatro Valle Occupato, Rome.

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Rumors Live, curated by Nomas Foundation, Teatro Valle Occupato, Roma, April 23, 2013
All Teatro Valle images © Patrizia Chiatti


3AcamasChiatti4CreonChiatti4bCreonChiattti5GluaceChiatti5GlauceChiatti6MeropeChiatti7figliChiatti8AncellaChiatti9MedeaChiattiRumors Live, performance, Teatro Studio di Scandicci, December 11, 2010